Empath Masterclass: How to Find and Embody Your Light in Dark Times

Empaths are a special breed of humans; they care deeply and feel the pain of the world. Most empaths tend to carry the suffering of their lineages, their communities, and the collective field. This leaves them feeling physically, emotionally, and energetically drained. As a result empaths tend to isolate, wall-off, or leave their bodies to manage the pain. But empaths were not necessarily “designed” to carry the world’s suffering. Empaths’ unique energetic structure actually puts them in a perfect position to become highly skilled space holders, healers, truth-tellers, and holders of the Light. Unfortunately, many empaths are too overwhelmed to access their capacities.  

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10 am - 12 pm Pacific Time



If you are wanting to shift from feeling overwhelmed as an empath into learning how to master your innate gifts, I invite you to join me for this free call where you will learn:

  • How to discern what is yours and what isn’t 
  • Why boundaries aren’t enough for empaths (and what is) 
  • The vows, unconscious agreements, and energetic habits keeping empaths stuck in suffering (and how to unwind them)
  • What empaths are really designed for (not carrying other’s energy)
  • How to shift from overwhelm to Energetic Sovereignty
  • Why a conscious relationship with the more than human world is essential for empaths
  • The top tools that empaths can use to rewire the energetic habits that no longer serve 

In addition, the call will include a powerful, guided meditation and energy transmission to help you begin to glimpse and embody your unique gifts as an empath. If you feel called, I invite you to join us.